Dating a t rex

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She said Mr Tillerson had told her that he did not make the comment and she took him at his word. She currently has 58 gallery links and 10 videos in her own Free Ones section.It was reported that his comments were made during a meeting at the Pentagon to national security officials around the time of the speech.

Mr Tillerson also spoke of the “peaceful campaign against North Korea” and how Mr Trump was able to get China to exert unprecedented economic pressure on Pyongyang as one of their largest trading partners.

She is listed on Free Ones since 2016 and is currently ranked 9834th place.

Two newlyweds made a very grand entrance wearing inflatable T-Rex outfits to their own wedding.

Anyone who can run 100 metres in 13.3 seconds would have been able to outrun a Tyrannosaurus rex, according to new research.

Contrary to suggestions that the six-tonne predator had a staggering top speed of 72kmh (about 45mph), researchers from Germany and the US found that physical constraints would have prevented it from travelling much faster than about 27kmh (16.8mph).

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